New Listing TPE 6MM Yoga Mats Fitness Non-Slip


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New Listing TPE 6MM Yoga Mats Fitness Non-slip Losing weight Sports Carpet Pad Hot Stamping Position Line Tasteless Cushion Gym Equipment For Home

New Design Hot Stamping Position Line Yoga Mats Material: Eco-friendly TPE Size: About 185cm*62cm Thickness: 6 mm Color: Black,White,Red Fuction:Yoga/Pilates/Gym/Exercise/Meditation Features:Hot stamping technology,Non-slip,Tasteless Eco-friendly,Double color double layer,High density rebound Cleaning method: 1. For dirty mat,use cloth with Detergent,clean it softly,then Flush clean with water,Suction and dry. 2. For very dirty mat, full of cold water in Bathtub with a little Detergent, Scrub it with cloth and douching, Suck Dry Moisture. Maintenance method: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, Keep in a cool place to avoid high heat, 3. Regular cleaning. Package content: 1 * Hot Stamping Position Line Yoga Mat