Sit Up Bar Assist Resistance Bands Abdominal Exercise


Available Options

This sit up bar assistance and resistance bands are the best option for having full body physical exercises. They can be used in various ways for toning up the body from different areas. Our sit up bar and resistance bands  helps individuals for exercising at home or office. 
  • Height adjustments: Individual can adjust its height accordingly. It's multi-use technology helps users for complete roll belly movement, push-ups, side kicks, sit-ups, stretching, planks, etc. 
  • Easy to use and install: Our sit up bar and resistance bands can be installed at home easily within minutes or working with tools. Just pull the lock and the gear position as convenient.
  • Carry out home workouts: Enhance your abs core muscles, build triceps and biceps, leg muscles, thighs, waist and buttock along with reducing the fat in abdomen and eventually shape the body. 
  • Full body exercise: Since sit up bar and resistance bands can be used in a lot of ways, you can perform full body exercises for upper body, lower body, waist, abdomen, arms, legs, etc. and enhance overall strength.