Unisex Home Foam Gymnastics Balance Pad


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  • What is a balance pad? A Balance pad is a square pad made from a sponge like material ( TPE FOAM ) When the user stands on the pad all your muscles are instantly engaged in your feet and core to maintain balance. This improves your stability.
  • Who are they for? Waist and abdomen core training balance soft pad.The balance pad is a great investment in your health and can have many long lasting benefits. The are lightweight and very durable. Balance pads are for ALl walks of life from core building and balance control, to physical rehabilitation after injury. The pads are also very suitable for the elderly helping to work on balance, and strength as we age.
  • Improve stability - Balance pads improve stability. Your stabilising muscles are responsible for keeping you balanced and maintaining equilibrium. Your stability can be affected by injury / ageing so the balance pads are great to this.
  • Improve posture, motor skills, general balance, aid with rehabilitation, get your balance pad today!Perfect for your daily Yoga or pilates workouts.
  • Available in Green, Purple, Blue, Black, Orange, measures About 40 x 35 x 5cm, features a non slip surface and comes with a pack box.